The dental office ZahnZeit – Dr. Breuer in Cologne

Teeth are an essential part of our quality of life. Our personal well-being depends on whether we can chew powerfully and drink without any problems, whether we can speak clearly without effort and whether we cannot laugh with our hands held in front of us. This is what our interdisciplinary team of experts takes care of with all its skills.

The quality of dental treatment is always based on experience and further training.

In our team, dentists, oral surgeons, dental technicians and radiologists come together to provide the best care for each individual patient in interdisciplinary work. The knowledge that we have gained over many years and applied in daily practice enables us to provide the highest level of dental competence using the most modern methods.

As a specialist practice, we care for patients from Cologne and the Rhineland. In addition to our dental know-how, empathy and treatments specially tailored to the needs of children and anxiety patients are important to us.

We set our quality standards particularly high so that our patients can be treated in a relaxed manner and go home with a radiant smile on their lips.

Our medical specialists


Dr. Peter Breuer

Specialist dentist for oral surgery


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