Dental practice for anxiety patients in downtown Cologne

Zahnzeit is your dental practice for anxiety patients in downtown Cologne. 

The fear of dentists or even dental phobia is a topic that has to be taken seriously.

For this reason we have made it our explicit goal to help patients who are affected by it, because not only the patients themselves suffer from it also the condition of their teeth suffers from the lack of prophylaxis. 

Therefore, it is important for us to deal intensively with the affected patients in order to identify the cause of their anxiety and take away the fear for good.

Treatments for dental anxiety

In order to make the dentist appointment as pleasant as possible for our anxious patients their treatments follow a different procedure. The first step is a detailed and empathetic conversation with the patient. In this conversation we try to clarify the origin of the fear and explain the further procedure. 

Depending on the patient the procedure requires a consultation of varying intensity and several conversations may take place before the actual treatment takes place. 

We are guided by the needs of our anxiety patients. 

We also offer you the possibility to be put into twilight sleep. Another conversation takes place in advance in order to explain the course of the treatment in detail to the patient and to take away the fears.

What happens during a twilight sleep?

During twilight sleep, also called analgosedation, you will be given the painkiller (analgesics) and the sedative (sedatives).  

In contrast to general anesthesia you remain responsive in the twilight state and perceive your surroundings in a subdued manner. For this reason you do not need artificial respiration, because you are able to continue breathing independently. We care for our patients during and after the treatment. 

Please also note that after the treatment you will not be able to drive or do business. Therefore, please bring an accompanying person to drive you home. 

The stress-reducing twilight state is the optimal solution for anxiety patients. You will notice that the visit to the dentist will be over quickly.

Get in touch with us and mention directly in the first phone call that you are afraid of dental treatments. Accordingly we can make the first arrangements for you to make your appointment with us as pleasant as possible for you.

Frequently asked questions

I am an anxious patient and I do not trust myself with regular dental treatment. What exactly do you do to treat me anyway?

We have built up a good reputation in recent years because, among other things, we spare anxiety patients what has made them anxiety patients: the conscious "experience" of treatment. It is often the fear of possible pain that keeps them away from the dentist for years. Our experience shows that reassuring persuasion alone does not help. Therefore, we break the circle by "putting the anxious patient to sleep", i.e. we carry out the complete treatment under general anesthesia.

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